Esther Vlessing


Esther Vlessing built and scaled national clothing line, Arctic Trim, which was sold at retailers and big-box stores nation-wide, including Sporting Life Inc. She then went on to work in materials research on the Design Team at Canada Goose. In early 2020, she connected with the Deputy Ministers Office and Department of Economic Trade and Development in Canada to plan and execute a nation-wide emergency manufacturing response unit. Combining her knowledge of medical materials and manufacturing experience, she went on to co-found Canada Emergency Medical Manufacturers (CEMM). CEMM has created hundreds of domestic jobs and brought hundreds of thousands of units of PPE to Canadian front-line workers.

Robert Vlessing

Chairman of the Board

Robert Vlessing founded Coja Leatherline of Canada at the age of 21, being an immigrant entrepreneur to Canada. Coja became one of the leading leather upholstery manufacturers in North America. He employed over 250 employees and received the Certificate of Merit Entrepreneur Canada in the 1990s. With wide recognition and know-how in the North American fabric and leather manufacturing sector, he mobilized Canada's furniture and garment industries in order to fight COVID-19 through the domestic manufacturing of gowns.

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Gus Young

Head of Operations

Erasmo Takada

Strategic Sourcing Lead

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Partner Account Manager

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